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Decking, Fencing & Sheds

Here at G Shanks Joiners & Builders we love doing decking's, fences and sheds big or small!

We offer various types of wood when it comes to creating your decking, whether this is a composite decking or one of our vast range of hardwood and softwood decking's. We can also guide you on customisable features such as incorporating decking lights or decking steps these may be regular or inverted.

When it comes to fences we also provide assistance in the building design, ensuring we provide the best materials and service to suit your needs. For example helping you determine the length and width of your fences slats whether it should run vertical or horizontal or creating slats that match in with an existing fence.

As for our bespoke fit sheds they also have a high range of customisable features that are tailored to best suit your needs. This applies in the form of deciding the material, length, size and the style of roof that you want for your shed.


 As well as giving our advice on the best varnishes and stains to best suit your needs. Take a look at some of our more recent decking and fencing projects below!

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