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Garden Rooms

Here at G Shanks Joiners & Builders, we love creating garden rooms and with over 40 years of experience in the carpentry and building trade we know how to create the perfect Garden Room tailored to suit your needs.


We do this by guiding you through the process of the Garden Room build and help you decide on the right size, shape and choice of materials you desire.

After all Garden Rooms come in various shapes/sizes and the choice of materials that can be used in creating your Garden Room is endless. This is where our expertise and guidance becomes invaluable in helping make the right choice for you. 

Garden Room Advantages

  • Cost Effective - Garden Rooms are cheaper ​per square metre than a traditional extension.

  • Less Hassle - Garden Rooms do not require planning permission or a building warrant in most instances.

  • Additional Living Space - Garden Rooms can be used for many different purposes e.g. Home Office, Home Gym, Home Bar etc.

  • Versatile - Garden Rooms come in all shapes and sizes. They can also be built to suit any garden big or small.

All G Shanks Joiners & Builders bespoke Garden rooms are fitted with rigid insulation ensuring they keep the heat in during winter and can keep the cool air in during summer.

Please take a look at our Gallery below.

For full view please click on the pictures

Exterior Example A

Interior Example A

Exterior Example B

Interior Example B

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